Individual Responsibility and Accountability

Board members, committee members, volunteers, and mission trip participants of Sparrow International will conduct themselves at all time with honesty, integrity, and transparency in all their dealings as representatives of Sparrow International. All activities and conduct with those serving and served by Sparrow International shall reflect our commitment to sincerity, respect, and genuineness for others both inside and outside of Sparrow International.  General data about Sparrow International will be posted on its website and made available to anyone upon request.

Leadership Conduct

Sparrow International is governed by a board of directors, officer team and committee members who collectively establish the mission and strategic direction of the ministry. The Board and officers shall oversee the finances, operations, policies and procedures. Committee Member shall execute the directives of the Board with respect to areas of missional targets.  Most meetings of the board, officers and committees shall be open to visitors with such meetings characterized by openness, fairness, transparency, and sincerity.

All participants at any level with Sparrow International are expected to abide by and exercise conduct reflective of the following with each having the ultimate mandate to:

  • Avoid conflict of interest or the appearance thereof;
  • Exercise transparency and an attitude of full disclosure at all times and when necessary renounce or remove oneself if found in conflict or possible personal gain;
  • Conduct all activities and transactions with integrity, fairness, and honesty;
  • Promote inclusive relationships among Board members, committee members, and mission beneficiaries that are based on mutual respect, fairness, equity and openness;
  • Be fair and inclusive in its policies and practices for all Board, officer and volunteer positions;
  • Maintain policies in writing, clearly communicated, officially adopted, and openly distributed;
  • Responsibly and prudently manage and account for the financial resources and property; and
  • Ensure that Sparrow International has the personnel, property, and financial capacity to carry out its programs effectively.

Legal Observance

Sparrow International shall conduct it affairs within the confines of all laws and regulations applicable domestically and abroad.

Financial Stewardship, Transparency and Accountability

Sparrow International shall manage its resources responsibly and prudently with transparent accountability and open responsibility.  Sparrow International will seek to operate as a non-profit as recognized by the IRS and by the State of Texas.  None of the Board members or officers shall receive compensation.  Sparrow International does not accumulate operating funds excessively but will deploy funds and property to is mission constituents; All financial reports shall accurately reflect the financial affairs of Sparrow International in all material respects and at all times with such reports readily available to anyone upon request.

Conduct with Partners, Missions and Affiliates

In conducting its stated purpose with its partners, mission recipients, volunteers and alliances, Sparrow International will foster positive, constructive relationships based on mutual respect and shared goals; Communicate openly and timely; Treat all parties fairly and respectfully; Respect the expertise of those in their area of expertise and culture; Seek to understand and respect the goals and needs of partners, missions, and volunteers; and Respect the integrity of the mission of the partner organizations; Be inclusive, open and transparent with all Sparrow International partners and volunteers.

To obtain information about Sparrow International, send an email by clicking here.