Discovering the Need

Job 29:16; 31:18 I was a father to the needy… the orphan grew up with me as though I were his father…

Through our Padrino (Godparent) Program, loving families are able to not only support a child financially… but also share letters, gifts and even visits!!

Focus on Colombia

The Scope of the Need.

In 2010 Colombia had 577,000 orphans. For a little perspective, Sparrow International makes approximately 4 organized trips to Colombia per year. We minister to approximately 500 orphans per trip. At that rate it would take us 289 years to just see every orphan once.
Colombia, is just one country in Latin America. Latin America is just one of three regions of the world, along with Asia and Africa, where the orphan problem is rampant. Asia and Africa have a vastly larger orphan problem than Latin America.

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